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Name: Cyclops
Date completed: October 25 2015
Base figure: Marvel Legends Machine Man
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: This custom was an attempt to get everything right by completely disassembling the figure before working it. After the figure was disassembled, I sanded and dremeled down the areas of the model where paint rub could occur. After sanding I started to put the figure together and sculpted in new areas, such as the belts, gloves, and boots. This figure also features a 3d printed hand that Cyclops can be used to active his optic blast. The hand was printed out on a Form1+ and is the first print I’ve done that is articulated. The head is a cast from another Cyclops figure.
Overall Impressions: I really love how this figure came out. For the most part, the figure is paint rub free and can be put into any pose easily. I also have alternate hands available to further change up the action you can place Cyclops into.