Bombastic Bag-Man

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Name: Bombastic Bag-Man
Date completed: July 11 2015
Base figure: Marvel Legends Superior Spider-man
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: In a pinch, Peter Parker needed a costume after the symbiote suit was removed from his body. He borrowed a Fantastic 4 costume but needed a mask, so Johnny Storm improvised. This is that look. I took a Superior Spider-man figure I had laying around to use at the bas. The paper bag was 3D printed on a Form1+ 3D printer. The feet I ended up buying a cast online from another figure.
Overall Impressions: I like how this turned out. The paper bag was a bit tricky to get he sizing right, and in truth, it still might be too large, but it works for the comical feel. The figure was a simple one to do but one I’m glad to have join the collection.