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Name: Silk
Date completed: May 20 2015
Base figure: Marvel Legends Spider-girl
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: Silk is a new character in the Marvel Universe. She was bit by the same spider that made Spider-man. This figure was a bit more hacked together than my usual figures. The hair comes from Marvel Legends Blackcat, the face is DC Universe Cheetah, and the body is Spider-girl. I did two round on this. I painted the whole figure before realizing the reference sheet for the costume I had was incomplete. I had to pop the head off and paint the whole back of the figure which I missed on round one.
Overall Impressions: I love this figure. I used a liner brush to get some of the lines. I’m still having a challenging time keeping my hand steady as I paint but I’m getting better. I also love how the silver paint looks on the figure and I’ll have to keep it in mind for future figures.