Netflix Daredevil

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Name: Daredevil
Date completed: May 10 2015
Base figure: Marvel Legends Bucky Captain America and Winter Soldier
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: After watching the Netflix series: Daredevil, I had to make this figure. I originally did the whole figure using just the Bucky Captain America as a base but I didn’t like the spandex pants that didn’t match up with the show. The original head sculpt also used epoxy for the bandana, which ended up being too weak and broke off. The final version seen here used Sugru for the bandana, which allows a small amount of flex to it. I also swapped out the legs with legs from Winter Soldier for a more proper base. The face mask was created by sculpting over US Agent with epoxy.
Overall Impressions: I love how this one came out. More so after round two at it. The stubble took a few attempt to get it to look just right but I think it came out looking great. An easy figure as far as the paint scheme goes but it looks just as I imagined it would.