Taron Cyros

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Name: Taron Cyros
Date completed: November 9 2014
Base figure: Star Wars Black Prototype Boba Fett
Paints used: Acryla Gouache and Citadel Paints
Description: I managed to pick up an extra Prototype Boba Fett from Walgreens, which if you are not familiar with, is an all white Boba Fett. This was a perfect base for a custom. I decided to make one of my old roleplaying characters, Taron Cyros. A Sith master who wears mandalorian armor. This was also going to be an experiment in dying plastic. I used iDye poly to dye the white plastic black. It took really well on the figure and made it far easier to paint the rest. The head is a cast duplicate of Starman from DC Universe. The lightsaber is 3d printed in clear and dyed red using the same iDye poly mix but with red.
Overall Impressions: Everything turned out great on this figure. Some parts of the paint on the face seem a bit rough to me but I still love how it turned out. This ended up being a great educational experience on how well the materials take to dye.