Warzone Lampman

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Name: Warzone Lampman
Date completed: June 28 2014
Base figure: Marvel Legends US Agent
Paints used: Citadel Paints
Description: This idea came to me while messing around with some ideas for Lampman. While trying to create a more concrete history of the character, I had an idea of a war torn version. Presumably forced to fight against other “Supers”. The base figure here was US agent and the head was from Fantomex. The cape came from Marvel Legends Hope. The lampshade helmet is partially 3d printed and partial sculpting. I did sculpting for the chest plate and belt buckle. All pain the Citadel.
Overall Impressions: I’m thrilled how this came out. The helmet is a bit tight but that happens with 3d scanning and printing sometimes. I should’ve added some space for the helmet. The painting turned out great. Very minimal paint rubbing this time around and I added some subtle shading on the figure.