Marvel Now! Deadpool

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Name: Marvel Now! Deadpool
Date completed: June 1 2014
Base figure: Marvel Legends Captain America (Bucky)
Paints used: Citadel Paints
Description: Deadpool comics relaunched with a new look a year ago. After completed my last Deadpool figure I decided to sell it on eBay. I started to miss having a really nice looking Deadpool, so I set out to make a new figure. The original goal with this was to base it as close to the comic as I could. The masked version was built on top of the Captain America head. It wasn’t until I was completely done with the masked version that I went back and made the alternate unmasked head, which ended up being my favorite here. All the sculpting on the figure was done using epoxy. The sword tubes were pvc tubes that I deformed with heat.
Overall Impressions: I love how this figure came out. The unmasked head is the default for display on this. I’m really pleased with how the sculpting turned out and the paint job. I still see some imperfections and areas that felt rushed but this is definitely my favorite custom so far.