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Name: Hulkpool
Date completed: June 2013
Base figure: Marvel Select Hulk
Paints used: Citadel Paints
Description: This figure is based off a mini series where Deadpool is exposed to the same radiation as the Hulk and becomes this Hulked out form of Deadpool. This figure features some sculpting to make the costume look torn and features a 3d printed head. The head was 3d scanned from a smaller version, which was then scaled up and printed out using an Objet 30 Pro 3d printer. The head was then sculpted over to create the torn mask look.
Overall Impressions: I’m really liking how this one turned out. The sculpting and the paint turned out great. My only gripe with this figure is I did not think ahead about grinding down the joints. As a result I’m unable to move or pose the figure without the paint rubbing. In the future, joint preparation is something I’m definitely going to focus on.