Isis and Gizlactus

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Name: Isis and Gizlactus
Date completed: June 2013 (Isis) and July 2012 (Gizlactus)
Base figure: DC Universe Classics Dex Starr
Paints used: Testors Model Masters
Description: This project was definitely something I wanted to do just to have fun. Isis is based off my cat, the ruler of the moon, and Gizlactus is based off my parents old cat, the devourer of worlds. Isis is a simple repaint but Gizlactus features a custom 3d printed head. The Dex Starr head was 3d scanned and modified using Rhino 3D. The head was printed out on an Objet 30 Pro.
Overall Impressions: The paint job could be better but the figures still look good and fun! I enjoyed painting up these two.