Drakkon version 1

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Name: Drakkon
Date completed: May 12 2019
Base figure: Power Rangers Lightning Collection White Ranger
Paints used: Golden Highflow and Acryla Gouache
Description: Drakkon is an alternate universe Tommy Oliver where he keeps the Green Ranger powers and later steals the White Ranger power. This version is based on that. This custom was fun to do. The head and vest are completely sculpted in 3D using Sculptris. They were printed on a Form 2 3D printer. The vest was printed in the new “elastic” resin Formlabs introduced. It allowed me to slightly stretch it over the shoulder joints with the arms removed. The dagger was also 3D printed. The gauntlets, shin guards, and morpher are sculpted with apoxie sculpt.
Overall Impressions: As the page name implies, this will be version 1 of Drakkon. I’m not pleased with how the gold paint or the red paint on the visor look. The gold paint is a bit lumpy in spots and the paint used on the visor needs better blending. I plan on 3D modeling the gauntlets and shin guards as arm and leg replacements instead of sculpting over the original figure. I also have already purchased a better gold paint for smoother application in the future. I’m excited to get to work on version 2.