Mary Jane (PS4)

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Name: Mary Jane Watson
Date completed: April 6 2019
Base figure: Marvel Legends Captain Marvel
Paints used: Golden Highflow and Acryla Gouache
Description: Mary Jane Watson from the PS4 Spider-man game. In this the head is 3D printed. Captured from in game screenshots and compiled using Recap Photo. I used Sculptris to clean up the head before printing on a Form 2 3D printer. The figure base was MCU Captain Marvel. The jacket worked perfectly for this custom. The scarf and undershirt were sculpted with apoxie sculpt.
Overall Impressions: I’m improving on painting faces, which is great. I think my paint choice might need either a change or I need to practice thinning down a bit for better blending. I’m not 100% sure Acryla Goache lends itself to transparent qualities. There are a few joints on this that could use from additional sanding or sealing. Otherwise I’m quite pleased with how this came out.