Mr. Negative (PS4)

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Name: Mr. Negative
Date completed: February 24 2019
Base figure: Marvel Legends Everett K. Ross
Paints used: Golden Highflow and Acryla Gouache
Description: The inverse of Martin Lee. Mr. Negative has the power to corrupt those around him. This figure was going to take a fair amount of work to get the suit to look good. After sanding all the joints, I had to do a few coats of primer before painting. The skin uses some metallic acryla gouache I picked up in Japan, specifically a black pearl. It gives his skin that mystical look. The head is a 3D print from a Form 2 3D printer. Same model I used for Martin Lee.
Overall Impressions: I think this figure came out looking great. A few joints needed a bit more sanding but luckily they are hidden by the suit jacket. Turns out a fair amount of plastic removal is needed for joints to prevent rubbing. The figure is able to move around without paint rub in the areas that matter. Overall I think this figure is one of my favorite outcomes.