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Name: Spinneret
Date completed: January 30 2019
Base figure: Marvel Legends Hellcat
Paints used: Acryla Gouache and Golden High Flow
Description: Spinneret is from the Renew Your Vows comic line. In this story, Peter and MJ have a kid, Spiderling, which I already did a custom of. In this same story-line, MJ has a costume that borrows Spider-mans powers. She helps patrol as Spinneret. This figure I once again took the time to carefully prep and sand everything to avoid any potential paint rub. The head is a custom cast from the MJ figure that was released a few years ago. I hand sculpted the bangs and tied up hair. The figure also has custom sculpting for the ankle cuffs. Figure was primed and painted using an airbrush with finer details hand painted in.
Overall Impressions: This figure came out looks great. My line work for the webbing had some variations still but I’ve improved leaps and bounds from where I was. It was painful getting through all of that but boy was it worth it. This figure looks so awesome and I’m glad to have it in my collection!