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Name: Spiderling
Date completed: January 30 2019
Base figure: Marvel Legends Spider-girl
Paints used: Acryla Gouache and Golden High Flow
Description: Spiderling is from one of my new favorite series, Renew Your Vows. It was unfortunately cancelled in 2018 but I hope the characters will return. Spiderling is the daughter of Spider-man, Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Through the series we have her discovering her powers and fighting crime with the family. I wanted this figure to be done right. I took the time to sand and smooth all the joints before using an airbrush for priming and the base layers. Detail paints were added using Acryla Gouache. The purse was hand sculpted over a belt from another figure.
Overall Impressions: I love how this figure came out. Definitely one of my favorite customs so far. Since I took the time to fully prep, the figure can be posed with very little worry of paint rub anywhere. It turned out awesome!