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Name: Spiders-man
Date completed: January 1 2019
Base figure: Marvel Legends Spider-man
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: Spiders-man. Yes, as in multiple spiders. This is one of the weirder additions to the 2018 Spidergeddon event. A Spider-man made of multiple spiders. This was meant to be a quick, fun custom. I had a cheap knock-off pizza Spider-man that I decided to eat up a bit with a dremel. I filled in some areas with epoxy and did my best to sculpt it to look like spiders.
Overall Impressions: Not quite the execution I was going for but I think it looks pretty decent. Turns out sculpting 1-2mm sized spiders is challenging. I painted some spiders on the figure in various locations to help drive home the concept. Overall I think it looks good.