PS4 Peter Parker

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Name: PS4 Peter Parker
Date complete: November 28 2018
Base figure: 3D Printed on Form 2
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: This is a custom 3D printed head done on a Form 2 3D printer. I created the model by taking 360 degree screenshots in game and loading the images into Autodesk Recap Photo. After repairing the file created I printed it in resin on a Form 2 printer. This project was one of the view I completely scrapped and started over after painting.
Overall Impressions: I love the final product for this. As stated, I did completely repaint this head. The initial attempt was a bit rushed. On the second attempt I took my time, built up layers, and went for a more accurate paint job. I’m really pleased on how it turned out.