Spider-boy v2

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Name: Spider-boy
Date complete: July 2 2018
Base figure: Marvel Legends Spider-punk
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: One of my first customs done was Spider-boy, who is the Amalgam comics creation fusing Superboy and Spider-man. I wanted to revisit this for a long time. This round I decided I’d do the version of the character wearing this jacket. The arms of this figure are from Astral Plane Dr. Strange. The base figure is Spider-punk. I did a fair amount of sanding on the jacket to modify it from the punk jacket to this form. I also did some custom sculpting for the boot cuffs, the soles of the feet, and of course the head. Hair and mask were sculpted onto a cast of Peter Parker.
Overall Impressions:  I love this figure. One of my favorite Amalgam figures rejoins my Spider-verse in much better form than before. I’ve improved so much since I did this figure before. Line work is continuing to improve and overall this figure feels much more polished!