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Name:  Supaidaman
Date complete: April 12 2018
Base figure: Marvel Legends Pizza Spider-man
Paints used: Acryla Gouache
Description: Here he is! The Emissary of Hell. Spider-man! After reading Spider-verse I knew I wanted to do this custom. After getting my hands on another pizza Spider-man body, I dived right into this one. Not a lot of custom work was done. I sculpted the face a bit so you could see the lips and reshaped the eyes. I added the bracelet on his arm as well. The figure required some painting on most of the body. I lightened up the blue, repainted the spider, and the head.
Overall Impressions: This one came out really nice. Line work is really improved by this point. I want to still improve my sculpting for future projects but considering there wasn’t much for this, I think it came out great.