About the Artist

I’m a Chicago based artist with a formal background in 3D modeling and animation. In 2008, after joining the School of the Art Institute as a staff member in the Advanced Output Center, I started to focus more heavily on 3D design and output in the form of 3D printing and laser cutting. With access to 3D printing technologies, my art continued to evolve.

I mostly focus on toy design and modification. Most of my work is modifying existing toys, by adding new sculpts, 3D printing new components, or simply repainting the toy. I like to incorporate traditional techniques using painting and sculpting while bringing in digital modeling skills with 3D printing output. There are a lot of potential applications for 3D printing, but there is a lot one can still learn using their hands through the application of traditional mediums. I prefer to do personal projects for my own enjoyment, because art making for me is an escape. I like to approach, set aside, and return to projects as-needed. There is a certain enjoyment lost when you treat and art like a job. Art is an escape for me. I like to come and go as I please with projects.

Outside of toy design, I occasionally work in 3D modeling programs for other projects and fabrication, as well as casual photography.