Site updated with 4 new figures and 2 side projects!


Alright! I haven’t updated in awhile due to life getting in the way but I do have some new work. One I just finished today! Cyclops is one I just wrapped up today and I’m very proud of.


I also added some other work, including three other customs and two 3d modeling projects.

zombiespider greenglider armorthumb spiderhulk hobglider


That’s it for now!

A look behind the scenes

Going through some of my old work and came across some in progress photos of Warzone Lampman. Enjoy this look behind the scenes of one of my figures.


Another figure down!

Just wanted to share this quick picture. I managed to finish the All-New All-Different Spider-man 2099 yesterday. I got some pictures of that and Bag-man tonight and I’ll be adding those to the site tomorrow. Before I do that, I present Spider-man 2099!


And we’re done!

Amazing Bag-man is complete! I was close enough that I just pushed through tonight and wrapped him up.



He now  joins my Spider-verse collection.



Up next I’m planning on doing the newly unveiled All-New All-Different Spider-man 2099 costume. I picked up the figure today and I’ll probably begin work on this tomorrow!



Still working!

I haven’t updated in a few weeks so I figured I should keep you informed on what’s up. I don’t tend to get as much art done when I’m not on vacation so I need to force myself to do something on weekends. I’m still working on the Amazing Bagman. He’s almost there! I’ve got a few new spider heroes lined up next! For now here is the most recent progress on Bagman!



All descriptions are up.

All the gallery pages are online and fully populated with information.

Now that I’ve got all my figures out of the way, I’ll start chipping away at other sections of my site and feature more work in progress on the main page in the form of these updates.

For now, check out my latest custom Ben Reilly as Spider-man.

Gallery is updated!

Alright the gallery for action figure modifications has been updated! Big update too. 10 new customs are up. 5 from early this year that I never got around to uploading and 5 new recent updates. The descriptions on each page are not complete yet but I’ll be working on those through-out the day. For now all the images are up! More to come soon!

More Frequent Updates and Changes

So I’ve got some time off from work and one of my plans is to get some of my latest work up and also change how my work will be put out there. I plan to do more progress posts as well as gallery posts on the main page. I’ll continue to archive old content in my galleries but content will also be visible on the main page.

Click here to see latest work.